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Friday, May 17, 2013

My thoughts regarding the proposed freestyle wrestling rule changes by Coach Schalles

Coach Schalles Post:

My thoughts:

1. Uniform: Agree 100%.  Compression tops and fight shorts IMO.
2. More Points: Agree 100%.  Coach Schalles is a huge advocate for more points.  Me too. But I would go about it another way.  In freestyle, limit wrestling on the mat unless a pin is imminent.  MMA is proof of that.  When those guys get stuck on the ground without action people boo in a hurry.  Get them back to their feet immediately after the scoring sequence ends.
3. Black marks: What he wants is to reward pins and lots of points and eliminate those who don't score lots of points.  Even eliminate people who win but don't score. Wrestle round robin till you have a champion.  Cool idea.  How about this win by pin you get 20 points and opponent gets 0.  Win by tech fall you get 15 points opponent gets 0.  Any other match you get the points you scored and they get the points they scored.  win 3-2, you only get 3 points.  Lose 12-9 and you still get 9 points.  At a certain point deficit (40 points maybe) you are eliminated. Determining what the point deficit for elimination is would be an important task.  Once everyone in the weight is eliminated or has wrestled each other the wrestler with the most points gets 1st.
4. Retire periods.  Good idea.  1 period matches.  If we use my suggestion, than we only need one period.  People will view each match in a tournament more as a quarter in football or inning in baseball, rather than the whole game.  Corruption would be tougher because every wrestler in the weight class would have to be on the take, there is no one person to pay off.
5. Retire the ball grab.  Good idea.  Using my idea, if you are eliminated by a total point deficit and you win by total point totals than you can tie a match and it doesn't matter.
6. Retire the push-out.  Disagree.  It is points.  Just make a takedown worth more.  It does keep wrestling on the mat and wrestling near the line more exciting.
7. Bring back stalling. Disagree.  If we want to battle corruption we can't give that sort of power to the refs.  It is also an excuse to not make a real attempt because you are waiting on a stall call.  If you win a tournament by most points scored than there is plenty of motivation to run up the score.
8. Move back to 10 weight classes.  I'm a big fan of more participation at the younger levels but if Coach Schalles thinks that's what is best internationally I'll go with that.  I don't know how that will effect more points and more excitement.

What are your thoughts?

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